Expect Royal Treatment On Luxury Cruises

Commercial cruises are fine, but for a really delightful experience wouldn’t it be better to be able to relax on a private yacht? And wouldn’t is be great to travel at your own pace rather than be rushed to get back on the cruise liner before its sails away? Hard as it may be to believe, many people actually pay more for a trip aboard an overcrowded cruise ship. Why not discover the ultimate way to cruise in style, your ultimate luxury cruise? That’ where yachts charters are making their marks. They are becoming increasingly popular. Why? Because they make it possible for discerning travellers to enjoy an intimate as well as flexible vacation. Add to that the fact that they staff pampers you to your heart’s delight, and you may never go on a “regular” cruise again. With Private Yacht Charters you are in complete control of your itinerary. With private yacht charters you can change your mind and stay that extra night on your favorite island or do whatever else you please. This would never be possible on a commercial cruise line… you would simply miss the boat, literally and figuratively.

Private Yachts Are The First Choice Of Honeymooners

Many honeymooners prefer the private yacht charter as do families who wish to have a reunion or wish to spend time together without the crowds, the hustle and bustle of large cruise liners. Most of all, when you choose a yacht charter with crew, you can be sure that your every whim will be catered to. Also, the private yacht charter captain acts also as a personal guide who can lead you to the most secluded beaches or the quietest anchorages to suit your individual tastes and preferences.

Though most cruise lines offer luxury in their cruise plans, there are some that push the limits and are often referred to as Luxury Cruise Lines. You’ll find much more than what is available on the typical cruise line offerings. For one thing, you can expect a memorable experience that is far above and beyond standard luxury concepts. Some of the notable luxury lines worth mentioning are Crystal Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Seabourn Cruise Line, Silversea Cruises, and Windstar Cruises.

The well trained staff aim to please, and they are good at it. You will receive service amazing service aboard these luxury cruise liners is amazing. There offer more staff, more exotic itineraries and more all-inclusive services than you would ever imagine. You can expect almost telepathic service because crew and staff are trained to anticipate the guest’s every whim and fancy while providing courteous and quick service. The luxury cruise ships are generally smaller than mainstream liners and typically cater to fewer than one hundred and fifty to just under four hundred guests. If there is one exception to the rule, it would be Crystal Cruises. It has three ships with a capacity of around nine hundred guests. Still, this is significantly less than what you would find on the crowded decks of the mainstream cruise lines.

Luxury cruise ships display high priced art, delicate china, rare woods as well as the finest fabrics and best in leather on board their liners and have expansive wine cellars as well as relatively bigger accommodation to provide the best of the best. These luxury cruises do not come cheap. You can expect to pay anywhere between three hundred dollars to two thousand dollars per person per day, depending on the ship you choose, the length of cruise as well as type of accommodation and destination you choose.

Cunard cruise line also offers much in the way of luxury cruises. It typifies the best in luxury cruises and offers relaxation with a level of pampering that makes them the first choice for the demanding traveler. With such amazing ships like the Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth 2 and the soon to be completed Queen Victoria, you can expect their luxury cruises to be a unique experience, unmatched by any other ship in the world. The Queen Elizabeth 2 is renowned for catering to millionaires, royalty as well as celebrities and you will be transported to exotic destinations while indulging yourself in the ultimate in luxury aboard these famous ships.

The primary attraction of luxury cruises is the fact that they offer lots of fun, adventure and freedom and integrate it all seamlessly with a liberal supply of indulgent service, pampering and unequalled luxury that you can enjoy for the entire duration of the cruise. Regent Seven Seas Cruises is unique in luxury cruises in that it is the first cruise line to provide all-suite, all-balcony ships and is first also when it comes to providing Le Cordon Bleu restaurants at sea. In addition, it provides an all-inclusive value that includes gratuities, non-alcoholic beverages, and wines at dinner as well as an in-suite bar without having to pay extra for it.

For those that wish to experience a floating country club, the Oceania is a luxury liner that lays emphasis on excellence in cuisine, and is an entry-level luxury line whose ships travel to unique cruise destinations and have distinctive stateroom amenities as well as. The Silversea is the elite of the elite mid-sized all-suite ship whose privileged guests are served unparalleled cuisine with sophistication and intimacy. These luxury liners cater to anyone who desires the finer things of life”… love, laughter and untold luxury!

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Why Should You Book a Luxury Cruise Holiday This Summer

For many years a cruise holiday was seen as a very stuffy and formal kind of holiday with the emphasis on dinner at the captains table, ballroom dances and being seen in the right company. Over the past 10 – 15 years the image of the cruise holiday has completely changed with the emphasis of the vacation now being geared around non stop family entertainment for all age groups. Luxury cruise ships are now bigger, grander and better than ever before with the feel of a luxury floating entertainment palace about them. Modern luxury cruise ships are huge craft with every possible kind of entertainment onboard including shopping centres, swimming pools, fully equipped gyms, health and beauty spas as well as some ships even having their own casino onboard. Modern cruise ships really are designed to offer every member of the family an entertainment packed vacation.

A luxury cruise holiday is a wonderful way to take a vacation, offering you a totally different way to see the world’s nicest tourist resorts without ever having to worry about packing or unpacking each time you land at a different destination.

Taking a luxury cruise holiday does not have to be as expensive as you may imagine with prices varying greatly depending on the type of cruise that you take, the destinations that you sail to, the duration of your cruise and the accommodation that you book. Taking a Mediterranean cruise for 7 days staying in a standard cabin and booking on an all inclusive package can be a very affordable way of experiencing the luxury that a cruise holiday can afford you without breaking the bank.

When on a luxury cruise holiday it is not only your surroundings and facilities that are luxury quality it is also the food and the service that you can expect to be top class. Many cruise ships employ some of the worlds leading chefs to arrange menus and to ensure that the food is top quality and nothing more than the customers would expect. Eating on a luxury cruise holiday can be like dining in a 5 star restaurant for the duration of your holiday but if you would prefer to eat a little less formally there are always a couple more restaurants on the ship that you can try out.

Mediterranean luxury cruise holidays are growing in popularity each year with more and more families trying them out for the first time each season. These luxury cruise holidays are so good that many families sign up for their next cruise whilst still onboard the ship and on their current vacation. Destinations such as Italy, Spain, France, Turkey, Greece and Cyprus are extremely popular on the cruise circuit with the luxury cruise ships stopping at any number of resorts within these countries.

If you wanted to experience a luxury cruise holiday further a field then the Caribbean is always a popular destination with travellers and the cruise companies. Resorts such as Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, St Lucia, St Kitts, Jamaica and Antigua are ever popular ports of call for a Caribbean luxury cruise holiday.

Although not as popular as Mediterranean or Caribbean luxury cruise holidays the Baltic or northern cruise routes are growing in popularity with those people who want to have a different type of cruise vacation and perhaps visit an area that is usually of the tourist trail. These luxury cruise holidays usually call at such places as Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Northern Russia. These luxury cruise holidays give the passengers a chance to experience such things as whale watching and icebergs at first hand. Not something you can necessarily do every day at home.

Small Luxury Cruise Ship Offers The Perfect Vacation

In today’s world people choose to enjoy their vacations in locations where they can feel very relaxed and enjoy each and every moment of their holiday to the fullest, where they can forget about the pressures of work and family and just get away from it all.

There are lots of places in the world where you can turn your dreams into reality, with amusement parks, exquisite gardens, water parks, exotic beaches, and places of great natural beauty which can add wonderful fun and entertainment to your vacation time.

People are more selective now about their traveling holiday; they have a desire to add some luxury into their holiday and be pampered and spoilt so they want an adventure where all their wishes can be fulfilled in the one place.

The obvious choice for some is a cruise on a small luxury cruise ship.

There is a huge range of luxury cruises available to so many interesting countries and for the lucky ones who have experienced this amazing experience say it the perfect way to indulge their desire for a luxury travel experience.

Some people see the sea as the most romantic, adventurous and ideal way to indulge themselves on their break from work, family and stresses of modern life.

Cruise holidays are escalating in popularity as they have so much to offer!

The price of rooms on a luxury cruise could well be as much as an extravagant hotel but when you think about everything else that is included in a cruise adventure it works out to be very good value for money.

The cuisine will be of excellent standard and a fine dining experience on the high seas will definitely be one to remember.

Some cruises provide packages where everything including drinks is included and most cruise ships offer a comprehensive variety of packages available to cater for all choices.

You also get to see a wide variety of scenery and places as part of the trip, and on an ocean voyage the scenery is ever-changing. You might say that a cruise package is a “jumbo-combo”, with entertainment, scenery, food and luxury accommodation all rolled into one!

There are a variety of places to visit ranging from small the secluded white beaches of the pacific islands, large European city ports for shopping and experiencing the culture of foreign lands, Mediterranean adventures with stop-offs at exotic places and a myriad of places to choose from depending on what your tastes are and what you want to experience.

How to Plan a Luxury Cruise Vacation

A luxury cruise vacation is something most of us dream about. Sailing the ocean under sunny skies, our every want and need anticipated by attentive staff, food and wine everywhere we look, not a worry in the world. Well, what’s keeping you?

Three-quarters of the earth is covered by water. What better way to explore our planet than in style on a cruise ship? Today’s luxury cruises run the gamut from small vessels that carry 8 or 10 passengers to giant ocean liners with every amenity you could imagine, and a few you couldn’t.

If you want a smaller, more intimate luxury cruise, look into small-ship luxury cruises. These all feature the service you would expect at a 5-star resort. You’ll use fine china for dining, eat outstanding cuisine prepared by highly-trained chefs, and enjoy a selection of activities and destinations.

The smallest luxury cruises are actually aboard chartered yachts, and you can have the ship all to yourself–or your group. Ships that sleep 34, 42, up to 80 can be chartered to travel at your whim.

However, there are several cruise lines that specialize in small-ship luxury cruises. Regent Seven Seas features four different luxury ships: the Seven Seas Voyager, Seven Seas Mariner, Seven Seas Navigator and the Paul Gauguin. The Seven Seas Mariner was the first all-suite, all-balcony cruise ship in the world and was such a hit she was quickly followed by the Voyager. Both the Voyager and the Mariner sleep up to 700 guests, while the Navigator can accommodate up to 490 travelers and the Paul Gauguin can travel with 330 guests.

Crystal and Cunard are two other cruise lines well-known for providing luxury on cruise vacations. Crystal’s luxury liner the Crystal Serenity can accommodate 1,080 guests and typically sails in Europe and the South Pacific. However, she’s scheduled for an around-the-world tour departing from Los Angeles in January of 2008 and arriving in Southampton, England, 110 days later.

Cunard Cruise Line was founded in Britain in 1838 and has been sailing successfully since then. They are well-known for both safety and luxury. Currently, the Cunard Line sails three luxury liners, the world-renowned Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2), the Queen Victoria, and the Queen Mary 2.

The immortal QE2 is 963 feet in length and can cruise with up to 1,778 guests aboard. She has logged 5.5 million nautical miles, carried over 2 million guests, and is still the fastest merchant ship in operation. Definitely one of a kind!

The Queen Mary 2 is one of the most magnificent ocean liners of all time. At 1,132 feet she can sail with up to 3,056 passengers in full luxury. Billed as “your sanctuary at sea”, the accommodations and dining are first-rate. A luxurious ballroom, planetarium, and sports decks will all keep you occupied. The spa will relax you when you’re all done.

Luxurious Cruise Vacation on the Pacific

What could be more romantic than a luxurious cruise vacation on the Pacific Ocean? You’ll feel like royalty when you board a big ocean liner and are greeted by friendly staff anxious to make your trip the most pleasant experience of your life. Book a cruise on the Norwegian Star for a 7-night dream vacation that you’ll remember forever. This ship leaves from Los Angeles and makes calls at Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta. These exotic Mexican ports will welcome you with their delights, but it’s the ship itself that will fulfill all your wants.

This is freestyle cruising at its best, with a wide variety of staterooms and suites from which to choose, as well as plenty of dining options and entertainment. Treat yourself to a massage or facial in the Barong Spa, relaxing in ultimate luxury before you take a stroll along the deck. Or, if you prefer activities, head for the Fitness Center for a spinning class or take part in basketball, shuffleboard, or one of the other deck sports available. This elegant ship has plenty of shopping for yourself or gifts for friends, plus it has a library, card room, and an Internet café.

Entertainment is plentiful, too, with cabaret shows and dancing in Dazzles Lounge or full production shows in the Stardust Theater. Book the Pacific Princess for a fourteen day Amazon River Cruise. You’ll see plenty of ocean along the way, plus you’ll visit exotic South American cities like Parintins and Boca Do Valerio. You’ll even get to explore Devil’s Island off the coast of French Guiana. But while you’re aboard ship, you’ll find plenty to see and do as well.

Try your luck in the casino or watch one of the numerous shows. There’s even dance music for you to while away the night. Then you’ll head back to your luxurious suite or comfortable cabin for a few hours’ rest before starting all over again. You’ll never run out of things to do on board this beautiful ship as she cruises across the Pacific waters. Visit several South Pacific ports of call when you travel on board the Crystal Serenity.

Crystal Cruises will take you to Polynesia and Bora Bora, as well as the Cook Islands. You’ll even cross the International Dateline, something that few people in the world will ever do. This twelve-day cruise will even take you to Aukland in New Zealand. Watch the innumerable yachts that sail in and out of the harbors of Auckland, which is known as the City of Sails. Enjoy the nightlife of the city, but don’t forget that you can have plenty of fun on board the Crystal Serenity, too.

This ship offers entertainment and swimming, plus plenty of relaxation. Kick back on the deck and enjoy the warm Pacific breeze or enjoy a few hours in the onboard Spa and Beauty Salon. If you’re in the mood for cooler weather and spectacular Alaskan views, book a 7-night cruise aboard the Norwegian Pearl. Departing from Vancouver, this ship makes stops at Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Prince Rupert, and Seattle.

This brand new addition to the fleet of Norwegian Cruise Lines has every luxury you can imagine, plus a few that you can’t. Accommodations include luxurious staterooms and suites, but for the ultimate in sailing pleasure, you might book one of the Courtyard Villas. These lavish accommodations share a private-access courtyard that contains a hot tub and pool as well as their own exercise room, sundeck, and cabanas.

You’ll feel as if you’re part of an exclusive club when you book one of these villas. The ship offers twelve dining options and eleven bars and lounges for you to kick back and relax. If you feel like working off some of the delicious food, head to the onboard bowling alley or rock climbing wall. There’s plenty to do on board this stunning ship, but there’s plenty more to see when you step onto one of the decks. Watch whales and dolphins cruise alongside the ship or just gaze at the fantastic Alaskan scenery.

Of course, you can’t beat a cruise to Hawaii. Holland America Line offers the MS Zaandam out of San Diego. This fourteen day cruise crosses the warm, wide Pacific Ocean, headed for Hilo, Nawiliwili, Honolulu, and other ports of call. The wonderful tropical weather and breathtaking sights around Honolulu will have you wondering why you never took this cruise before-and when you can take it again.You’ll have time to explore the rainforests and volcanoes of Hawaii, plus you can relax on one of Hawaii’s beautiful beaches.

Of course during those times you’re aboard ship, you’ll enjoy comfortable accommodations, as well as lots of fun activities. Swim in one of the two outdoor pools, or hit the water inside. There are Jacuzzis, too, for relaxing with your friends. Music, dancing, entertainment… it’s all on board the Zaandam.The Pacific Ocean is waiting for you. You’ll surely find a cruise ship that is going where you’ve always longed to go.

Cruise Vacations – Visit the Most Beautiful Parts of the World in Total Luxury

Think about taking a trip to some of the most gorgeous places on earth. You can see breathtaking sights, immerse yourself in a unique culture, and experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Now imagine traveling to one of these locales in the lap of luxury. You’ll dine on exquisite cuisine, sample fine wines and spirits, see thrilling shows and be pampered and entertained as much as you want to be.

That’s a perfect description of the quintessential cruise vacation.You can sail to faraway places while enjoying every minute of your journey. And best of all, you only have to unpack your suitcase one time! Here are some of the cruise lines that can immerse you in total luxury.

Avalon Waterways

This carrier focuses on trips through smaller aquatic passages such as rivers and straits, allowing visitors to view beautiful landscapes and vistas throughout most of the tour. Avalon has plenty of on-board activities and entertainment for all ages, but is especially popular with mature travelers. And the company’s ships feature its one-of-a-kind Silent Drive System for a ride that’s quieter and smoother than any other vessel.

Azamara Club Cruises

This line prides itself on flawless customer service as well as lavish amenities. In fact, it boasts a two-to-one guest-to-staff member ratio on all of its voyages. Also, Azamara offers some spa services that you won’t find on most cruise lines, such as in-room spa treatments and acupuncture-at-sea sessions.

Celebrity Cruises

This company is known for its spacious ships which house not only a wide variety of activity choices but also several different types of staterooms to satisfy any type of traveler. Celebrity also offers European butler service for its suites, which treats its guests to valuable extras like evening hors d’oeuvres or shoe-shining service. This line attracts many people looking to tie the knot with either a small, private ceremony or a major wedding party.

Holland America Line

These midsized ships hearken back to the cruising days of old, with décor steeped in tradition as well as staterooms that are elegantly accented. Holland America entices the fashionable traveler with features such as on-board enrichment programs, art auctions and cooking classes and seminars offered by the Culinary Arts Center. You can even secure a private car or an English translator and guide for your shore excursions.

MSC Cruises

Boasting the youngest fleet in the cruising world, these modern vessels treat guests to open vistas and flowing designs. MSC is proud of its distinctive on-board restaurants, stylish theater productions and unusual destination choices. But, arguably, the company’s biggest draw is the fact that children 17 and under sail free.

Norwegian Cruise Line

This brand is known for what it calls “Freestyle Cruising,” which emphasizes flexibility in its amenities. It all starts with the choice of staterooms, which include connecting suites and villas that feature their own private club with swimming pool, private deck, and dedicated butler service. Norwegian accentuates its large variety of leisure activities with unique details like memory foam mattress tops and Evian spritzes.

Princess Cruises

This line is arguably the most versatile in the cruise industry. Princess can cater to all types of travelers (and budgets) from singles, honeymooners and couples to families, seniors, and specialty groups. And if it’s possible to do on the high seas, from rock climbing and scuba training to casino gambling and nighttime dancing, these vessels have a place for you to do it.

Royal Caribbean International

This company showcases its can-do attitude with onboard amusements to suit any vacationer. Active types can avail themselves of a running track, basketball court, surf simulator, and even a small golf course. There are several stage shows for the adults, kids clubs for children and adolescents, and theme nights for the entire family.

Uniworld Cruises

This brand markets itself as a unique boutique river cruise line which features itineraries and destinations that few of its competitors offer. Only about 130 guests travel on each ship on average, giving Uniworld vacations a more intimate and personal feel. And foodies will love the cuisine that is prepared by chefs from five-star hotels, as well as al fresco dining on an open-air sundeck and complimentary wine and beer during dinner meals.

As far as cruise destinations, you can book your trip to tropical locations such as the Bahamas, Bermuda, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Perhaps you prefer the stunning wilderness of Alaska or the old world charm of the Mediterranean. If you fancy the exotic, you may choose a cruise which takes you to Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, or different parts of Asia. Or you may opt for a river cruise down the Rhine or the Danube in Europe. But be warned – you’ll be traveling in such lush decadence on your journey that you’ll be tempted not to leave the ship when you reach your ports of call!

Luxury Cruises – 2 Outstanding Luxury Cruise Companies

Why Take A Luxury Cruise?

If you want to get away from it all, travel to exciting parts of the world that you’ve never gone to before, relax, and be a bit pampered, you should definitely consider luxury cruises. Take your first luxury cruise and you will find out some of the secrets of how some people make fantastic lifelong memories.

Whether you go alone, with your partner, or bring the entire family, whether you enjoy luxury Mediterranean cruises, luxury Nile cruises, luxury Alaskan cruises, or luxury cruises to any other part of the world, you will create wonderful, lifelong impressions

There are a couple of companies to consider when you want to take a luxury cruise.

The Luxury Cruise Experts Company

One of these is the Luxury Cruise Experts Company. They specialize in premium cruises, luxury cruises, and ultra-luxury cruises and are led by respected travel industry veterans Susan Reder and Penny Entin. They are supported by an elite group of travel professionals that have more than 500 years of combined experience.

Their parent company is Altour – Classic Cruise and Travel and they guarantee the highest levels of amenities and special shore excursion packages and that your overall experience will be beyond expectation.

It’s no wonder that they have annual sales of over $350 million.

With Luxury Cruise Experts you can travel to Alaska, Asia, Canada / New England, the Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, the Mediterranean, Mexico, the Panama Canal, take river cruises, go to South America, the South Pacific, take a transatlantic cruise, cruise the United States, or enjoy a world cruise.

The Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Another wonderful company to consider is the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. They are one of the oldest and most well known cruise lines in the world. With them you can cruise almost anywhere in the world with the confidence of knowing you’re getting the best amenities that money can buy. Remember, like most things in life, the more you spend on a luxury cruise the more luxurious it will be.

Luxury cruises are wonderful adventures throughout the year. They seem especially wonderful when the weather’s turning cold and you want to get some sun or just get away from the gray skies and cold wind. Another great time of year is during summer vacation, when you can bring the entire family and have memories you’ll still talk about when your kids have kids of their own.

No matter where or when you end up going, the most important thing to do is to prepare properly before you go.

To save money and prepare properly every time you take a cruise check out 2 Things To Look For To Find A Hot Deal . And, to find out how to make your wildest dreams come true, take a look at http://TheGreatestDreamVacations.com now and learn how to make it happen.

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